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Nova Scotia Ballads

[Page 138]

Florella 1

Mrs. S. Turple 2
Down by the drooping willows,
Where violets gently bloom,
There lies the young Florella,
So silent in her tomb.
[Page 138]
She died not broken hearted,
No sickness her befell,
But in one moment parted
From those she loved so well.
[Page 138]
One eve the moon shone brightly,
Those efforts gently bloom,
When to her dwelling lightly,
Her treacherous lover drew.
[Page 138]
"Come love, said he, "let's wander,
Down by yon meadows gay,
And undisturbed we'll ponder,
Upon our wedding day."
[Page 138]
"Those woods look dark and dreary,
And I'm afriad to stray.
Of wandering I am weary,
I would retrace my way."
[Page 139]
"Retrace your way, no never,
Those woods no more you'll roam,
So bid adieu forever,
To parents, friends and home.
[Page 139]
"Now in these woods I have you,
Nor from me can you fly,
No human aid can save you,
You truly now must die."
[Page 139]
Down on her knees before him,
She begged him spare her life,
When deep into her bosom,
He plunged the fatal knife.
[Page 139]
"Dear William, I forgive you,"
Were her last dying breath.
Her pulses ceased their motion,
Her eyelids closed in death.
[Page 139]
'Twas early the next morning,
Her parents did prepare,
And there in death so comely,
Florella slumbered there.
[Page 140]
So by this wilful murder,
The young man he was hung,
. . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
[Page 140]
Trust not your hearts to young men,
For they will sure betray,
Nor with them do not wander,
Down by the meadows gay.


Figure 1. Unknown: Romantic and Atmospheric Graveyard
Florella: also known as "The Jealous Lover"
Mrs. S. Turple: unknown person. Possibly the story teller, author, or contributer to the ballad
Anonymous. Date: 2014-10-16