Nova Scotia Ballads

[Page 77]


O, my name ie Peter Ambelay
As you may understand,
I belong to Prince Edward Island,
Down by the ocean strand.
In Eighteen Hundred and Eighty-two,
When the flowers were in brilliant hue,
I left my native country,
My fortune to pursue.
I hired in New Brunswick,
That lumbering counteree,
Hired to work in the lumbering woods,
Where they cut the tall spruce tree.
And loading a sled in the yard,
I received ray deadly wound
There's danger on the ocean,
Where the sea rolls mountains high,
There's danger on the battle-field,
Where the angry bullets fly.
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Thera's danger in the lumbering woods,
And death lies silent there.
Soon I became a victim
Unto its monstrous snare.
Here's adieu unto my father,
'Twas he who drove me here,
I thought him very cruel.
His treatment was severe.
It is not right to press a boy,
Nor try to keep him down.
'Twill cause him for to leave his home,
When he is far too young.
Here's adieu unto my greatest friend,
I mean my mother dear,
Who raised a son that fell as soon
As he left her tender care.
How little did my mother think,
When she sang lullaby,
What country I must travel in,
Nor what death I might die.
Anonymous. Date: 2014-10-16