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  • Cedric Dawkins (Draft Profile) 

    Dawkins, Cedric (2014-02-06)
  • Jing (Jenny) Chen (Draft Profile) 

    Chen, Jing (2014-02-06)
  • Stability of Curved Interfaces in the Perturbed Two-Dimensional Allen-Cahn System 

    Iron, David; Kolokolonikov, Theodore; Rumsey, John; Wei, Juncheng (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2009)
    We consider the singular limit of a perturbed Allen-Cahn model on a bounded two-dimensional domain: $\left\{\begin{array}{@{}ll@{}} u_t = \varepsilon^2 \Delta u - 2 (u - \varepsilon a) (u^2 - 1), & x \in \Omega \subset ...
  • Pan Boricua: Developing a Market Strategy for the Hispanic Market in the United States 

    Quinones, Victor; Sagebien, Julia; Perez-Savelli, Marisol; Perez, Eva; Catinchi, Jennifer (Ivey Management Services, a division of Richard Ivey School of Business, 2009-08)
    Two inexperienced, but strongly committed, entrepreneurs face the hassles of a new venture: exporting dough from Puerto Rico to cities in the United States with large numbers of Puerto Rican immigrants who are longing ...
  • Marketing Planning at Just Us! Cafes 

    Loudyi, Sara; Sagebien, Julia; Turgeon, Normand; McKillop, Ian (Ivey Management Services, a division of Richard Ivey School of Business, 2010-06)
    Jeff and Debra Moore are the founders of Just Us!, a fair trade coffee cooperative, retailer and wholesaler. Just Us!s mission is to actively promote fair trade and its benefits for producers in developing countries. The ...
  • Just Us! Community-based Tourism 

    McKillop, Ian; Sagebien, Julia; Brugueras, Alba (Ivey Management Services, a division of Richard Ivey School of Business, 2011-03)
    The development coordinator for Just Us! Development Education Society (JUDES) was reviewing the preliminary agenda for the JUDES Annual General Meeting (AGM). The meeting would take place some time between May 1 and May ...
  • Historical framework 

    Kirk, John M.; Sagebien, Julia (University of Western Ontario, 1996-Sprin)
    It is essential for any potential entrepreneur to be at least superficially aware of Cuba's history. When the U.S.S.R. collapsed, the impact on Cuba was disastrous: 85% of Havana's trade had been with the socialist bloc, ...
  • Solidarity, Entrepreneurship and Hard Times: The Political-Economy of Mexico-Cuba Commercial Relations at the End of the Twentieth Century 

    Sagebien, Julia; Tsoutouras, Demetria (Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2000-12)
    No abstract available.
  • Wal-Mart Puerto Rico: Promoting Development Through a Public-Private Partnership 

    Comas, Myrna; Sagebien, Julia (Ivey Management Services, a division of Richard Ivey School of Business, 2010-05)
    "Sowing the Development of the Country" (SDC) was a public-private partnership between Wal-Mart Puerto Rico (Wal-Mart PR), the island's Department of Agriculture as well as its Economic Development Bank (EDB), two NGOs ...
  • From Patrimonio Hoy to Arte en Concreto: Tailoring a Social Responsibility Program at CEMEX Puerto Rico - TN 

    Comas, Myrna; Niezen, Circe; Sagebien, Julia (Ivey Management Services, a division of Richard Ivey School of Business, 2010-01)
    This case examines how CEMEX adapted its flagship corporate social responsibility (CSR) program (Patrimonio Hoy) to the specific socio-economic realities of Puerto Rico - Fundaciýn Arte en Concreto (the Foundation). The ...
  • Trouble in Paradise: Stakeholder Conflict in the Paseo Caribe Project 

    Toro, Gwendolyn; Sagebien, Julia; Quinones, Victor (Ivey Management Services, a division of Richard Ivey School of Business, 2010-05)
    The case centres on the many controversies surrounding the Paseo Caribe real estate development project in San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico. The project developers had to contend with large demonstrations, civil ...
  • Oh, Canada, Will Cuba Stand on Guard for Thee? Preparing for the End of the U.S. Embargo on Cuba 

    Spadoni, Paolo; Sagebien, Julia (Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation, 2009-09)
    The article presents the authors' comments on how lifting of the U.S. trade embargo on Cuba may affect Canadian companies. They state that overall, a partial lifting of the embargo might prove to have more of a positive ...
  • Will They Still Love Us Tomorrow? Canada-Cuba Business Relations and the End of the US Embargo 

    Spadoni, Paolo; Sagebien, Julia (2013-01)
    The article informs the benefit which will be gained by business enterprises based in Canada due to easement of economic sanction by the U.S. against Cuba. It informs that if the U.S. removes embargo, a ban, on provisions ...
  • CSR and Development: Seeing the Forest for the Trees 

    Sagebien, Julia; Whellams, Melissa (2010)
    This paper examines the role of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the development agenda. First, it examines highlights of the debate on whether CSR is "good or bad development." It then contextualizes these debates ...
  • Private sector reform - public sector style 

    Kirk, John M.; Sagebien, Julia (Marcel Dekker, Inc., 2000)
    The highlights of Cuba's process of transition towards a market economy from the collapse of the Soviet bloc in 1989 to the enactment of new US embargo-tightening measures in mid 1996 are presented. The conditions that led ...
  • Cuba libre: Blending tropical socialism with market economics 

    Kirk, John M.; Sagebien, Julia (Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation, 1996-Sprin)
    Focuses on the opportunities for Canadian business enterprises in Cuba. Trade and investment presence in Cuba; Cuba's potential; Tips for investors. INSET: Historical framework..
  • Taino Construction Supplies: Managing Innovation Risks at an SME in a Small, Developing Nation 

    Carmen Rios Figueroa; Sagebien, Julia (Ivey Management Services, a division of Richard Ivey School of Business, 2010-10)
    The president of Taino Construction has to make several strategic decisions that can guide the firm during very difficult times for the construction industry - globally and locally. He is trying to find ways to capitalize ...

    Sagebien, Julia; Lindsay, Nicole; Campbell, Peter; Cameron, Rob; Smith, Naomi (Taylor & Francis Ltd., 2008-Fall )
    Perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Mining, and Sustainable Development Taking Harper's and the World Bank's positions together as representative of the current dominant view of the role of foreign direct ...

    Sagebien, Julia; Spadoni, Paolo (Taylor & Francis Ltd., 2010-Sprin)
    The search for truth in and about Cuba is an elusive and puzzling pursuit primarily affected by: 1) competing narratives of contested events; 2) the emotional distress that accompanies the experience of cognitive dissonance; ...

    Sagebien, Julia (Institute for Research on Public Policy, 2006-10)
    No abstract available.

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