Recent Submissions

  • Consistency Measures for Pairwise Comparison Matrices 

    Barzilai, Jonathan. 1998. "Consistency Measures for Pairwise Comparison Matrices." Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis 7(3): 123-132.
    We propose new measures of consistency of additive and multiplicative pairwise comparison matrices These measures, the relative consistency and relative error, are easy to compute and have clear and simple algebraic and ...
  • Ahp Rank Reversal, Normalization and Aggregation Rules 

    Barzilai, Jonathan, and Boaz Golany. 1994. "Ahp Rank Reversal, Normalization and Aggregation Rules." INFOR 32(2): 57-64.
    We analyze the Belton and Gear rank reversal problem within an axiomatic framework for deriving consistent weight ratios from pairwise ratio matrices and aggregating weights and ratio matrices. We show that rank reversal ...
  • Measurement and preference function modelling 

    Barzilai, Jonathan. 2005. "Measurement and preference function modelling." International Transactions in Operational Research 12(2): 173-183.
    The application of the principles of mathematical modelling to measurement theory is reviewed and the implications of a classification of measurement models by the mathematical operations that are applicable to the resultant ...