Greg Scherkoske

Assistant Professor

Undergraduate and Honours Advisor


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Recent Submissions

  • Whither Integrity I: Recent Faces of Integrity 

    Scherkoske, Greg. 2013. "Whither Integrity I: Recent Faces of Integrity." Philosophy Compass 8(1): 28-39.
    Despite the fact that most of us value integrity, and despite the fact that we readily understand one another when we talk and argue about it, integrity remains elusive to understand. Considerable scholarly attention ...
  • Whither Integrity II: Integrity and Impartial Morality 

    Scherkoske, Greg. 2013. "Whither Integrity II: Integrity and Impartial Morality." Philosophy Compass 8(1): 40-52.
    The idea that impartial moral theories – consequentialism and Kantian ethics in particular – were objectionably hostile to a person’s integrity was famously championed by Bernard Williams nearly 40 years ago. That ...
  • Could Integrity Be an Epistemic Virtue? 

    Scherkoske, Greg. 2012. "Could Integrity Be an Epistemic Virtue?." International Journal of Philosophical Studies 20(2): 185-215.
    This paper makes a preliminary case for a central and radical claim. I begin with Bernard Williams's seldom-faced argument that integrity cannot be a moral virtue because it lacks two key ingredients of moral virtues, ...
  • Integrity and Moral Danger 

    Scherkoske, Greg. 2010. "Integrity and Moral Danger." Canadian Journal of Philosophy 40(3): 335-358.
    No abstract available.