Marc Comeau

Director, Libraries Information Technology Systems (LITS)

Phone: 902-494-6686

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  • Securing Library IT - A View From The Ground 

    Comeau, Marc (2016-06-21)
    The Dalhousie Libraries Information Technologies Services team has a lot in common with other IT departments when it comes to security, but we do face some challenges that are unique to libraries. We have large numbers ...
  • 3D Printing In An Academic Library - One Year Later 

    Comeau, Marc; Groenendyk, Micheal (2013-05-15)
    The idea of bringing 3D printers to libraries has gone from concept to reality in the past year. The new service has been spreading rapidly the world over. That reality has sparked a debate. Should we or shouldn’t we? ...
  • “One and One are Sometimes Eleven”: Local Source Partners and Technologies in the Killam Learning Commons 

    Paon, Michelle; Comeau, Marc (2013-05-16)
    Eleven stakeholders currently share space in Dalhousie University’s Killam Library Learning Commons, with services ranging from research assistance and the IT help desk to tutoring, GIS & data services. Although some ...
  • A Help Desk In Transition 

    Comeau, Marc (2012-06-05)
    Prior to November 2009, the Learning Commons Technical Support desk was located on the main floor of the Killam Library, and provided application support for the Learning Commons. The main Help Desk on campus was located ...
  • Marc Comeau (Draft Profile) 

    Comeau, Marc (2013-06-25)