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  • Deterioration of Materials in a Quarter-Megawatt Strawburner 

    Whiteway, S.G.; Caley, W. F.; Peill, J. (Dalhousie Printing Centre, 1985-12)
    An outline is given of the deterioration of refractories and stainless steels during the operation of a large strawburning furnace. The deterioration was caused by high temperatures, which sometimes exceeded 1400°C, and ...
  • Pyrolysis/magnetic separation; a process for reducing the sulphur content of eastern Canadian coals. 

    Whiteway, S.G.; Stewart, I.; Chan, E.; Caley, W. F.; Adorjan, L.A. (Dalhousie Printing Centre, 1988-12)
    Elements of a process are described, whereby the high sulphur coals of eastern Canada may be converted into a low sulphur product suitable for coal-slurry fuels. The process envisaged includes thermal/magnetic benefication ...