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  • Zeros and Asymptotics of Holonomic Sequences 

    Noble, Rob (2011-03-30)
    In this thesis we study the zeros and asymptotics of sequences that satisfy linear recurrence relations with generally nonconstant coefficients. By the theorem of Skolem-Mahler-Lech, the set of zero terms of a sequence ...
  • Zeros of Sections of Some Power Series 

    Vargas, Antonio (2012-08-28)
    For a power series which converges in some neighborhood of the origin in the complex plane, the zeros of its partial sums often behave in a controlled manner. We give an overview of some of the major results in the study ...
  • Zonation of Hydrogen in Kimberlitic and Mantle Olivines: A Possible Proxy for the Water Content of Kimberlite Magmas 

    Hilchie, Luke Jonathan; Hilchie, Luke (2011-08-25)
    Volatiles are fundamental to many aspects of kimberlite magmatism. However, the volatile compositions and concentrations are poorly defined. Enrichment of H in kimberlitic olivines, many of which are xenocrysts, suggests ...