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    international students [1]
    International students, challenges, internationalization growth machines, growth, politics, cities, transformation, universities,growth of cities, experiences, meaning, informal support networks, formal support networks, knowledge economy, civic universities, Canada, Halifax, transformation theory, urban growth machine, creative class, globalization,Nova Scotia [1]
    International Trade [1]
    International Trade, Developing Countries, Uruguay Round, Trade Negotiations, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), Seminal Events, Import Substitution Industrialization (ISI), Liberal Trade Theory, Economic Reforms, Dependency Theory, External Forces, Constructivism, Epistemic Communities, Single Undertaking, Inequitable Grand Bargain, Demonstration Effect [1]
    International university students [1]
    Internet [3]
    Internet Intervention [1]
    Internet radio broadcasting [1]
    Internetworking [2]
    internship [1]
    Interpretation [15]
    interpretation [1]
    Interpretation and value of sternal puncture in the diagnosis of blood disorders, The [Paper read at Dalhousie Refresher Course, October, 1946] [Title] [1]
    Interpretation of cerebro-spinal fluid findings, The [1]
    Interpretation of Poetry [1]
    Interpretation of symptoms in chronic gastro-intestinal disease [Delivered before the Dalhousie Refresher Course, Halifax, August 29, 1935] [Title] [1]
    Interpretation of the Volmer Patch tuberculin test, The [Title] [1]
    Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis [1]
    Interpretive Center [1]
    interpretive centre [1]